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Add eBay account to our service

In order to snipe eBay auctions at the last second, you need to add a eBay account to our service. We take advantage of eBay's account linking service.  To link your eBay account, follow the directions below:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Show the Account menu by clicking on the user icon.
  3. Click on eBay Link.
  4. Scroll to the Add / Update eBay Account section.
  5. Select the eBay Website you would like snipe's placed through.
  6. Click the Link eBay Account button and click Continue to eBay Login to be re-directed to eBay's website to login.
  7. Login to the eBay account you would like to be linked to our service.
  8. Click on the blue Agree button.


We do NOT store your eBay login information anywhere within our system. Your eBay link is valid for 18 months and then must be re-linked.

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